Eighteen police officers injured in the US defending the statue of Columbus

Law enforcement officers were injured in Chicago while trying to protect a monument to Christopher Columbus.

On Friday evening, a large group of anti-racist protesters gathered in Grant Park, where a monument to the navigator is erected. At some point, the audience threw ropes over the monument and held on to its ends.

At the same time, the crowd chanted that Columbus was a murderer and a thief.

The protesters threw various objects at the policemen defending the monument. Law enforcement officers used truncheons against the protesters. The demonstrators have driven away from the statue in a few hours.

18 policemen were injured during the action. Some of the victims were hospitalized, and at least 12 people were detained.

Earlier, Federal Press reported that a wave of protests swept the United States after the death of African American George Floyd. In the wake of protest sentiments, the demolition of monuments to the “southerners” – the heroes of the Confederate army that advocated the preservation of slavery began.