Elizabeth II deeply upset by Prince Harry’s scandalous interview about Prince Charles

2 weeks ago

The royal family has been mired in scandal lately.

Strange details from the palace are constantly surfacing, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle now and then pour oil on the fire, talking about how hard they lived in London. Prince Harry recently spoke again in an interview about his upbringing at the royal palace, specifically mentioning the difficult relationship with his father, Prince Charles. This did not please Queen Elizabeth II, who is already hard on her grandson’s departure. As a reminder, Harry stated the following: “I don’t think it’s worth pointing fingers and blaming anybody. But, of course, when it comes to parenting, and you have traumas that your father or parents also have because of their parents, you want to get out of that vicious cycle so you don’t make your children suffer as well.”

Elizabeth II deeply upset by Prince Harry's scandalous interview about Prince Charles

Turns out the grandmother took it as a personal problem. The insider revealed: “She is deeply upset by what Harry said, particularly his comments about Prince Charles’ upbringing and the suggestion that his father doesn’t know any better because of the way he was raised.”