Elizabeth II followed the British example and first appeared in Zoom

10 months ago

At the age of 94, Queen Elizabeth II not only regally sits in the saddle, but also masters new technologies, while remaining a symbol of the inviolability of traditions. Today, the head of the United Kingdom for the first time participated in a video conference in the Zoom application, along with her daughter. The Queen and Princess Anna communicated with four British women caring for relatives who, due to age, disability or confirmed coronavirus, are in a very difficult position.

Her Majesty contacted Windsor Castle, where the royal family is in isolation; for about twenty minutes the queen talked with her interlocutors, and sincerely thanked them for their concern: “I listened with great interest to what you told me about the stories from your life. What impressed me was what successes you have achieved. I am very glad that today I managed to talk with you. “

Throughout the quarantine, Elizabeth II communicated via video link with relatives and subordinates. But, if earlier the castle’s employees set up the program for her, now the queen uses the Zoom application on her own.

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