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Elon Musk and Space X are associated with US intelligence

Elon Musk and Space X are associated with US intelligence

epa04231824 Chief Executive Officer of SpaceX Elon Musk introduces the SpaceX Dragon 2 space craft at unveiling ceremony in Los Angeles, California, USA, 29 May 2014. The Dragon 2 space craft is designed to ferry humans into space. EPA/PAUL BUCK

The company Space X and Ilona Mask, do not know only the lazy. In their productivity and manufacturability, only a fool doubts. But what is the secret to success? Is Ilon really so brilliant that he is at the very top?

How did he and his team manage to achieve such success in a short amount of time?

Only fifteen years ago, Space X began to engage in space technology, until that time, Elon Musk was busy with completely different tasks. Isn’t it so simple, in a short time, to turn the world around? Cosmonautics is the most expensive and advanced industry in the world.

Even with huge financial flows, it is extremely difficult to invent revolutionary things. But Ilon Mask and company succeed.

In addition to the money, you need to have in your staff, the best engineers in the world. The construction of spaceships, rockets and engines of a new generation, this is not for you to develop Tesla.

Once again, I want to draw attention to such crazy progress, these guys have achieved in just 15 years.

Space X has already been built and tested, the most advanced ship in history, a new generation of rockets, the steps from which are coming back. What are the engines Merlin, but everyone knows about it.

Where to get access to secret and sensitive objects, secret data and information, previous developments? The rocket engine is not developed without analogues, in the public domain, you will not find such drawings.

The best scientists, and experts in the field of astronautics, were in the Mask team. Who gave Mask access to this chest of knowledge? Who allowed him to freely penetrate into the knowledge of the best minds of the USA accumulated over the years.

The answer lies on the surface, this is the US government, and NASA is known to all. These are special services of the USA, FBI, CIA, Pentagon, various special forces. This is where the secret of success lies. All these well-known organizations, and became assistants to the ingenious inventor and entrepreneur.

Anything that Mask was interested in in order to create his inventions, he receives without any problems from any organization in the USA. Yes, and it looks like NASA’s days are numbered too, as the future is clearly with Space X.

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