Elon Musk called the main goal of SpaceX

11 months ago

American businessman Ilon Musk said that SpaceX’s top priority is to create the Starship spacecraft. He urged employees not to rest on their laurels after the successful Crew Dragon mission, CNBC reports.

To create a Starship rocket to fly to the Moon and Mars, you need to act “abruptly and immediately,” according to the SpaceX corporate newsletter, which was available to journalists. “Please bear in mind that SpaceX’s top priority is Starship,” Musk said in an email sent to staff on Saturday. CNBC was unable to get a prompt comment from a company representative.

SpaceX has about eight thousand employees, most of whom are headquartered in Los Angeles or at facilities at Cape Canaveral, but some work at a private spaceport near the village of Boca Chica (Texas). “For those who are considering the possibility of moving, we will always offer a special plane,” Musk wrote, thus motivating his subordinates to move closer to the named spaceport.

According to CNBC, in the first half of the year, the value of SpaceX rose to about $ 36 billion. Since the beginning of 2019, a private company has attracted about $ 1.7 billion of investments, part of the funds will be directed to the development of a project to create a reusable spacecraft. At the end of May, the tests of the third SpaceX Starship SN4 prototype failed. During the tests, a fuel leak occurred, as a result of which the ship exploded.

SpaceX previously received permission from NASA to reuse the Crew Dragon space capsule to transport people into space. On May 31, the crew of Crew Dragon, which went to the International Space Station from the 39th launch complex located on the territory of the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Space Center in Florida (USA), successfully transferred to the ISS.

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