Elon Musk shared a photo of the new Tesla plant

Elon Musk, like no one else knows how to find moments for intriguing posts. This is probably one of the features of his PR. So, for example, earlier we wrote about such a loud statement as a promise to revolutionize the car manufacturing market. Now Musk has attracted the attention of thousands of users with a photograph of a new automobile plant in Berlin. It does not look quite usual in truth and looks like anything, but not like a car factory in the usual sense of the word.

Musk posted a post on Twitter by signing it to Giga Berlin. And then comments rained down on him. Ilon even bothered to answer some commentators, which aroused even greater interest in his recording. People were mainly interested in the details of the plant’s structure and tried to give him valuable advice to the author. All this was done in a good wave, with smiles and jokes. However, if taken seriously, the new factory where Tesla cars will be produced for European countries deserves close attention.

It is located in Gruenheide near Berlin, and the area occupied by it is 300 hectares. Previously, there was a forest that had to be cut down. Now Tesla was ordered to plant seedlings in the territory three times the area occupied by the plant. The plant is an example of environmental friendliness. So, its surface will be covered with solar panels, to ensure internal energy needs. In addition, the plant will save water, and in order for personnel (12,000 workers) to get to the conveyor in the most environmentally friendly way, it is planned to build a railway line.