Elon Musk: “There will be no Mars …”

Elon Musk, a clever man, an innovator in several areas of technology, a visionary, looking at the development of civilization far ahead, preparing humanity for this through his projects, bluntly says that what is happening around the coronavirus is more destructive than the virus itself.

Here are a few quotes from his current twitter account:

“I suppose panic will do more harm than the virus itself if it hasn’t already happened.”

“However, the danger of panic is still far greater than the danger of coronavirus.” If we redistribute medical resources to coronavirus, this will happen through the treatment of other diseases.

Out of habit, Musk noted a number of shocking tweets in which he stated that he was allegedly going to sell all his property, and that Tesla’s shares were too highly quoted on the stock exchange.

  • I sell almost all the property. There will be no houses in the possession. (I am selling almost all physical possessions. Will own no house)
  • But there is only one condition for the sale: I now own the old house of Gene Wilder (American actor). He cannot be destroyed or lose his soul.

Perhaps the radicalism of Mask is from the category of “white noises”, a way to attract more attention to convey more important messages to people.

In particular, he plays up the words of the US anthem, ending them with a question mark – “… So where is the house of the brave, where is the free country?” Thus, Musk completely clarifies his political position, and asks the citizens – they say, are they willing to continue to “arrest” themselves?

But recently, SpaceX received a long-term contract from NASA to participate in the US lunar program. Subscribers congratulated Ilon on this event, and of course asked about the Martian program, to which Musk sharply replied: “There will be no Mars if we allow them to deprive us of freedom” …

However, Musk claims on Twitter that Tesla and SpaceX are ready to contribute to the fight against the pandemic. Initially, they will introduce the production of ventilation systems (mechanical ventilation).

Both Tesla and SpaceX have all the necessary resources to quickly start the production of mechanical ventilation. However, for this, these enterprises must at least partially work, but this may be a problem right now, since the wave of quarantine closure has reached the United States and the Pacific coast.

“However, this is necessary,” Musk said. Because the epidemic in the USA revealed one of the weaknesses of the healthcare system – the catastrophic shortage of such equipment.

The case in the United States comes to the fact that doctors themselves have to improve scarce equipment in order to be able to help more people in need. Need arouses ingenuity …

The mask was tweeted that one village anesthetist (with a doctorate in diaphragm mechanics) finalized the only ventilator in his hospital, and now he can support nine instead of one patient!

To which Ilon replies: “An interesting topic. One computer, battery and pressure pump are suitable for many patients, but ideally they need individual valves for each to personalize the air flow and avoid the risk of cross-flow. ”

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio wrote The Mask – “New York is buying! Our country is experiencing an acute shortage, and we need fans (mechanical ventilation) as soon as possible – we will need them in thousands of cities in the next few weeks. We need them as soon as possible, and we could count on your help! ”

Musk – “Heard you, we will contact your team to understand potential needs”

And even better about the civil position of the head of SpaceX, perhaps, such his tweets will say:

  • Children are essentially immune, but older people with existing conditions are vulnerable. Family meetings with close contacts between children, grandparents are probably the most risky.

“Anyone who feels a little sick should stay home.” Older people should avoid close contact, even with family members, for now. It seems the most important.