Elsa destroyed the Titanic, and Nemo ate: The network comes up with bad endings for Disney movies

Twitter has a new trend. Users come up with sad and creepy endings for Disney movies and cartoons and publish them under the hashtag #BadDisneyMovieEndings

A few days ago, the hashtag #BadDisneyMovieEndings appeared on Twitter, under which users publish their versions of the sad and sometimes creepy endings of Disney movies and cartoons.

Probably, a new trend appeared during a discussion of the real endings of Disney films. Users decided to think about alternative endings of famous stories, and this escalated into a competition to create the most cruel and creepy finale.

Mentioned and murder, and mental disorders, and Satanism. I got both the old projects of the studio, and those that came out in recent years:

“The scar is actually Simba’s father.”

“The scar killed Simba.”

“Elsa is responsible for the iceberg for the Titanic.

“Cruella (also found translation of Sterwell – Ed.) De Ville actually received a coat from the Dalmatians …”.

“Pinocchio did not become a real boy and died.”

“Christopher Robin became a killer.”

“Boo spends twenty years on therapy because she believes there are real monsters in her closet.”

“Mary Poppins commits murder.”