Epidemiologist: young people propagandize pandemic

Dr. Anthony Fauci accuses young people of promoting the pandemic.

A White House coronavirus adviser urged young Americans not to take the infection lightly, saying their irresponsible behavior could have more serious consequences.

“You have to be responsible for yourself, but also socially responsible. If you become infected, you are not in a vacuum. You are advocating a pandemic, ”said the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in an interview with Facebook.

Foci’s comment follows the publication of data from various states that more young people are ignoring social distancing measures and are spreading the virus at a faster rate. According to the epidemiologist, the average age of new patients has dropped 15 years since the start of the US pandemic.

Vice President Mike Pence warned last month that roughly half of new cases in the US are under 35, especially in Florida and Texas.