Errors during sleep, because of which you wake up not rested

It is believed that with a clear regime of day the human brain will be enough to rest. But in fact, it is unreal to sleep after spending enough hours in bed.

In order to really relax from a busy day, both physically and emotionally, you need to follow some rules. And do not make a mistake!

Late rise

To wake up in the understanding of the human brain is to lie down early and get up early. Late rises can lead to apathy and loss of strength. There are also statistics that people who get up early are less often ill and live on average longer than those who like to sleep.

Sleep with light

For a good rest you need total darkness, otherwise the eye vessels will strain, even if you do not want it. If a dream in the dark is a problem for you, you can simply leave the curtains open so that natural light can enter the room. This way, the energy during sleep will be restored to its maximum.

The pillow is only under your head.

Since childhood, many people form a habit – they sleep exclusively with a pillow under their heads. But in order for the load to be properly distributed to different muscle groups, you should put additional pillows. The optimal option is under the knees. Or you can buy orthopedic mattresses, where the bend is already provided.

Pets in bed

No matter how much you love your four-legged pet, you cannot sleep with them. And the considerations here are not hygienic at all. Animals have other biological clock, so they can accidentally wake their owners. About 37% of owners of cats and dogs suffer from this.

Synthetic fabrics

Yes, synthetic bed linen and pajamas look cute. But sleeping not in natural fabrics is a bad decision. This is because of the fact that in synthetic materials, a person’s heat exchange is disturbed. This leads to the fact that people do not sink into a phase of deep dreaming.

The beginning of sleep at different times

Some people try to make a flexible regime of the day to keep up with everything for sure. The brain must take sleep as a habit. Therefore, you should lie down at the same time. It will take about a week to form such a habit. Initially, it will be difficult, but the result is worth the effort.

Recall, according to British researchers, a person should sleep about 9 hours and 10 minutes per day. This is enough to restore strength and after awakening a person will look good. It was also found that the optimal time to go to sleep is 21:45 minutes. The optimal time to wake up is about seven in the morning.