EU court canceled a record fine for Apple at 13 billion euros

The European Union Court overturned the decision of the European Commission, which in 2016 found Apple guilty of tax evasion in Ireland and ordered it to pay a record fine of 13 billion euros.

It is reported by the British television and radio company BBC.

The EU General Court said that the European Commission did not prove that Apple violated the rules of competition. In this case, the court decision may be appealed to the highest instance – the European Court.

“This is not a matter of how much taxes we pay, but of where we should pay them. We are proud to be the largest taxpayer in the world because we know the importance of tax payments in society, ”Apple said in a statement.

The EU Commissioner for Competition, Margret Westaguer, who presented the case, stated that she would “study the solution and consider possible further steps.”

In August 2016, the European Commission announced the results of a lengthy investigation into Apple’s operations in Ireland. The European Commission stated that the tax benefits of the American company that it used from 2003 to 2014 are illegal: this allowed them to pay significantly less than other companies, because they paid a corporate tax rate of 1%. Apple is required to pay 13.1 billion euros of taxes in Ireland, as well as 1.2 billion euros of interest.