4 months ago

EU has a plan for cooperation with the US at Biden

4 months ago

EU publishes plan of cooperation with USA during Biden’s presidential term

The European Commission, headed by Joseph Borrel, is considering a new “transatlantic agenda,” during which it defines the key areas of cooperation between the EU and the United States under Joseph Biden.

This is reported in the text of the official press release of the European Commission.

“The victory of the new president Joe Biden and the wine president Kamala Harris, together with the determination of the European Union, give us a rare opportunity for global cooperation, based on mutually beneficial interests and global actions,” the press release says.

“A transatlantic alliance based on shared values, history and interests is about building a stronger, more peaceful and prosperous world. When transatlantic partnership is strong, it makes both the EU and the United States stronger,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

The first priority area of cooperation is overcoming the Coronavirus pandemic and its consequences.

The EU hopes that the U.S. will also assume global leadership to coordinate a joint response to the epidemic on issues such as the distribution of vaccines, tests and drugs, development of joint response mechanisms, and reform and strengthening of the World Health Organization.

The second direction is to fight climate change and protect the environment by creating a common “green” agenda: to achieve “zero” emissions by 2050, measures to prevent the movement of production to countries with worse environmental standards, the development of “green technologies”, combating deforestation and pollution of the oceans.
The third direction is cooperation in technology, trade and standards.

“The EU seeks to resolve existing problematic issues in bilateral trade with the United States through negotiations, reform the World Trade Organization and create a new EU-US Trade and Technology Council. In addition, the EU proposes to start a dialogue with the U.S. on the responsibilities of major online platforms, on fair taxation and the fight against market distortions, and to develop a common approach to protecting critical technologies,” the European Commission said.

The fourth area is supporting security, human rights and democracy in the world.

“A strong partnership between the EU and the U.S. will have key support to uphold democratic values, global and regional stability, prosperity and conflict resolution,” it said.

As a first step, the EU pledges to actively participate in the Summit for Democracy that Joe Biden proposed and to work together to address challenges such as strengthening authoritarian regimes, human rights abuses and corruption.

The proposed document should then be considered by the European Council.

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