EU offers US special dialogue on relations with China

EU High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security, Josep Borrel, suggested the United States begin a separate dialogue on relations with China.
“I proposed launching a bilateral dialogue on China, the challenges that China’s actions and ambitions pose for all of us in the United States and the European Union,” Borrel said after a videoconference of European foreign ministers with the participation of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
He explained that the EU and the US will bring to China “their concerns and jointly uphold common interests.”

Recently, relations between the United States and China have again deteriorated due to the bill being drafted by the Chinese parliament to protect the national security of the country’s special administrative region – Hong Kong, which, according to Washington, is aimed at eliminating its high autonomy. US President Donald Trump has already threatened to apply sanctions and withdraw the special status of Hong Kong. China rejected any criticism and stated that Hong Kong’s questions were exclusively its internal affair.

The US authorities, including the president, regularly accuse China of inability to restrain the spread of coronavirus, concealment of facts, and untimely reaction. Chinese authorities have repeatedly stated that from the very beginning they have maintained an open and responsible position regarding the publication of data on the epidemic of coronavirus infection.