Europe offered Armenia millions of euros for giving up cognac

5 days ago

The EU has offered Armenia to buy back the right to use the name “cognac”. The financial agreement provides for three million euros to be given to Yerevan.

The Armenian government has already approved the agreement with Europe. Its goal is to contribute to a smooth and effective phase-out of the use of the geographic designation “cognac” for Armenian products, as well as to help Armenian industry maintain its competitiveness in export markets.

The EU program includes the development of a new name for Armenian brandy, its advertising and marketing. The program is financed from the EU budget within the framework of the European Neighborhood Instrument.

Europe offered Armenia millions of euros for giving up cognac

Earlier the experts of the federal project “Sober Russia” wanted to more than halve the volume of alcohol sales by 2030. The project proposes to decrease the volume of alcohol sales up to 12 billion liters by 2024, up to 9 billion liters by 2027, and up to 7 billion liters by 2030.

In addition, experts call for half of the population’s consumption of tobacco products – from 300 to 150 billion pieces. According to the authors of the study, more than 85 percent of able-bodied Russians consume alcohol.