Europe recorded deaths of patients with coronavirus every 17 seconds

World Health Organization officials have expressed concern over the high mortality rate among coronavirus patients in Europe.

The head of the WHO European Office, Hans Kluge, during a briefing on November 19, noted that last week the mentioned indicator in European countries jumped by 18 percent. The region accounts for 28 percent of the world’s reported cases of coronavirus infection, he said. “Last week, more than 29 thousand victims of COVID-19 were recorded in Europe. This means that one person dies every 17 seconds, ”he concluded.

At the same time, Kluge acknowledged that the latest incidence rates were more optimistic – for the first time in three months, a decrease in the number of new infections was revealed. This, according to WHO, indicates the effectiveness of the measures taken. Kluge urged not to abandon restrictions too quickly and recalled that the overall picture in the region is rather bleak.

“We are seeing more and more signals that indicate congested health systems. In particular, in France, intensive care wards were filled by more than 95 percent in just 10 days, ”added the head of the European Bureau of the organization. He also called for adherence to the previously voiced recommendations.

Earlier it was reported that the number of cases of coronavirus in the world exceeded 56 million. More than 35.9 million of them were cured, more than 1.3 million died.