Evacuation of all Ubisoft employees after the incident in Montreal

Ubisoft spokesman Heather Steele said that all employees of the computer game development company were successfully evacuated from the office after the report of the hostage taking in Montreal.

Police in the city of Montreal announced a special operation in the area where the Ubisoft office is located as soon as the armed robbery call was received. The media reported hostage-taking. After taking the necessary actions, the special police forces did not find threats in the building. A search is in progress for those who reported the incident.

Heather Steele was relieved to report that all Ubisoft employees in Montreal are safe and have been evacuated from the premises on time after reporting the threat of an attack.

Ubisoft has posted on Twitter thanks to everyone who has shown their support and good wishes. Ubisoft would like to express its sincere gratitude to the Montreal Police Special Forces for their efficiency and professionalism. The situation was quickly brought under control and resolved without incident.