Even after a false marriage at 3 weeks Pamela Andreson wants to get married

11 months ago

Pamela Anderson wants to get married again – “again” after 3 failed marriages.

In an interview with the New York Times magazine, the star of Rescue Malibu spoke about her failed relationship in the past and how she seeks to get married again. “I really want this. One more time please. God, let there be another chance, ”Anderson noted.

Talking about past relationships, the actress noted that she is very romantic, so she quickly falls in love and enters into an unsuccessful relationship.

Pamela Anderson was married to drummer Tommy Lee, rocker Kid Rock and poker player Rick Salomon. In an interview with the publication, she said that the marriage with John Peters, which lasted about 2 weeks, does not count, because they did not complete the process of registering documents.

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