Even with the second wave of coronavirus: Europe is not ready to return quarantine

11 months ago

French authorities will not impose repeated strict quarantine, even if the country is covered by a second wave of coronavirus.

This decision was made because of the risk of not getting out of the crisis, which has already hit around the world. This was announced by the head of the scientific council to combat Covid-19, Jean-Francois Delfrassy, reports Le Parisien.

“No matter what happens, the widespread isolation in France cannot be repeated. The first time it was necessary, we had no choice, but the price we have to pay is too high, ”he said.

However, the head of the council noted that “the virus is still circulating in the country,” and he does not rule out a second wave of the disease in the fall. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a “big preventive plan”.

The group has several scenarios of behavior in the case of the second wave of coronavirus, but widespread self-isolation is not included in the list.

Earlier, we wrote that people are starting to test coronavirus vaccines in Oxford. Germany is also starting to test the vaccine against COVID-19 in humans. In the US, human vaccine trials began back in March.

Recall, on January 30, WHO recognized coronavirus as a global problem. Later, EU authorities launched the Horizon 2020 innovation program to study coronavirus.

It is impossible to stop the COVID-19 coronavirus in the European Union, as stated by the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

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