Every fifth resident of the UK became infected with a coronavirus in a hospital

10 months ago

In the UK, 22 percent of coronavirus patients became infected in health facilities. This was reported by The Daily Telegraph with reference to a study conducted with the support of the government.

According to the data received, it was precisely the infection in the hospital that led to 11 percent of deaths. According to scientists, the absence for a long time of recommendations on compliance with measures of social distance by medical workers led to the spread of the disease.

Recently, many residents of the UK have expressed concern that it is the national health system that is one of the sources of re-infection of the virus in small groups of people who observe the rules of social distance.

Earlier, specialists at Imperial College London and the University of California at Berkeley proved that stringent restrictions introduced in different countries to fight against coronavirus allowed tens of millions of people around the world to be protected from infection. Only in the UK, quarantine measures saved 500 thousand people.

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