Ex-owner of the Marco Polo cafe in Yerevan, businessman Armen Sahakyan shot dead in the USA

According to the source, the businessman killed one of the people who shot at him before his death. The businessman’s wife was also seriously injured.

In the United States, businessman Armen Sahakyan, the former owner of the Marco Polo cafe and the Noyan Tapan bookstore in Yerevan, was killed in his home. Freenews.am reports.

In recent years, Sahakyan has lived in the United States. According to the newspaper, the businessman’s wife was also seriously injured. It is noted that the murder was committed by two hired killers-Mexicans, one of whom Sahakyan managed to shoot. The second criminal managed to escape, but he managed to wound Sahakyan’s wife.

She is currently in the hospital, doctors are trying to save her life. There are rumors in the Armenian community that Armen Sahakyan was killed at the request of some local Armenians. Note that the businessman has three minor children.