Expert talks about the future of unmanned cars

Unmanned cars will be free to drive on the roads in five to ten years, when the technology becomes truly invulnerable to hacking.

“We will not be able to rely on the protection measures that we have now on the Internet in the next wave of the technological revolution. That is, it is impossible to launch drones on Russian roads with the current level of cyber protection and security,” Peskov said.

According to him, for drones to become an integral part of road traffic, it is necessary to develop quantum communication, whose communication lines are securely encrypted.

Expert talks about the future of unmanned cars

“If the technology is tested, then in five to seven to ten years we will come to the point where we can fearlessly put unmanned cars on the streets of cities. They will be so secure that it will be physically impossible to hack them – because any hacking will change the signal. You can break the connection, but you can not hack it,” – added a special representative of the president.

Earlier Sber has shown at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum its new fully autonomous electric car. The novelty from SberAutoTech was named “FLIP”, and its design is based on an electric platform of its own design.