11 months ago

Experts named the best foods and drinks for healthy teeth

11 months ago

Food expert Sahai Market presented the best products and drinks for dental health. One recommendation is to eat nuts.

As the specialist explained, teeth are not only a “visiting card” of a person, their condition is directly related to the general state of health.

In particular, calcium is a building material for bone tissue, it is involved in conducting nerve impulses, regulating pressure, transporting ions, and coagulating blood; therefore, it is important to have food products containing it in the diet.

These include dairy products, nuts, especially almonds and hazelnuts, fish.

The Sahai Market paid special attention to the closest relative and genetic predecessor of cauliflower – broccoli, since the vegetable plant not only contains Ca, but also a huge amount of vitamin K, which actively helps to fix the element in the bones.

Also, a nutrition expert added cloves to the list due to the content of eugenol in it, a powerful antiseptic that is effectively used to kill pathogenic bacteria. As for drinks, it is recommended to give preference to green tea for dental health, which is associated with the presence of a small percentage of fluoride in it, the lack of which in the body leads to caries.

Earlier, we reported that men and women leading a healthy lifestyle can live up to 80 and cross this age line without particularly serious illnesses. But those who do not give up bad habits should prepare for the fact that they will live 10 years less.

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