Experts predicted Biden victory in decisive state election outcome

Experts predicted the victory of the US presidential candidate Joe Biden in the decisive outcome of the elections in the state of Nevada. This is reported by Reuters with reference to the calculations of the research company Edison Research.

Biden gets 49.3 percent of the vote in Nevada after counting 86 percent of the ballots. The incumbent President Donald Trump has 48.7 percent of the vote.

Nevada is currently the key state in terms of influencing the outcome of the elections. To win the presidential race, you need to enlist the support of 270 electors. Biden has only six votes left – so many electors in Nevada.

Trump needs 56 votes to be re-elected, for which he needs to gain a majority in four states: Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia.

In the United States, the counting of votes for candidates for the presidency of the country continues. The current head of state, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, who served as vice president under Barack Obama, are fighting for the top post. In many states, the difference between presidential candidates is tenths of a percent. So far, Biden has 264 electoral votes, while Trump has 214. Despite the fact that the final results of the presidential election are not yet, Trump has already congratulated his voters on the victory. Biden’s headquarters also expressed confidence in victory.

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