Explosion at market in China: at least 11 victims, dozens injured

As a result of a powerful explosion at a grocery market in the Chinese city of Shiyan at least 11 people were killed and 144 more were injured.

According to China Central Television, 37 injured are in serious condition.

The preliminary cause of the explosion is said to be a gas leak. It is specified that the glass in the houses around the market was broken because of the explosion. Also the market building was destroyed.

“The place where I live… has become a ruin.”

What was once a neighborhood waking up to a new day is now a charred wasteland.

This morning, a deadly gas explosion ripped through a residential area in the central Chinese city of Shiyan.

Search and rescue is underway. pic.twitter.com/Y9CDAXB7B2

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A search and rescue operation is underway at the scene.

The explosion in Shiyan has resulted in 11 deaths and 37 serious injuries. As of 11 am, 144 people have been rescued. It’s really tragic🙏🙏🙏🙏 #十堰爆炸 #事故 #爆炸 pic.twitter.com/s53AWSLLhdN

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