10 months ago

Eyewitnesses describe the massacre in the UK

10 months ago

Eyewitnesses described the massacre that a man staged at Reading’s English Forbury Gardens park on the evening of June 20. They told The Mirror about this.

One of the witnesses admitted that he heard the man shouting something before attacking. “The park was crowded, many people were sitting with friends when a lone person walked by. He suddenly shouted out a few illegible words and rushed to a large group, about 10 people, trying to stab them, ”the briton said.

Several eyewitnesses stated that they had to run away from the attacker, as he rushed to different groups of tourists. Some interlocutors said that they did not immediately realize his motives and perceived his actions as a game. After the vacationers ran away, the man quickly left the park.

One witness described the attacker as a short, bearded man of mixed race. According to him, he was wearing a green jacket.

Earlier there were shots from the scene. On them you can see how police and volunteers provide first aid to the victims. One of them lies in a pool of blood; he is given an indirect heart massage.

An unknown assailant attacked citizens in Reading Park on the evening of June 20. According to preliminary data, three people died on the spot, two more were seriously injured. Police detained the attacker, allegedly from Libya. Later, law enforcement officers acknowledged the incident as a terrorist attack.

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