Facebook and Instagram had a global outage

Facebook and Instagram had a global outage

On December 10, the social networks Facebook and Instagram had problems with the work in a number of countries, mainly in Europe. This is evidenced by the data of the service DownDetector.

Complaints on the functioning of Facebook in the last two hours was about 20 times more than usual.

The social network is mainly down in Poland, Belgium, UK, Estonia and Denmark but there are also difficulties in other European countries.

Even more complaints are received about the work of Instagram. Geographically, they primarily affected Australia, India, Malaysia and almost all countries in Europe.

DownDetector also informs about failures in the Facebook messenger. The number of complaints increased by an order of magnitude in four hours. Users in Australia, Indonesia, Japan and Western and Central European countries were among those most affected.

In Ukraine, according to this service, there are no major problems with the mentioned social networks.