Facebook came up with an answer to Apple’s new feature

Facebook came up with an answer to Apple's new feature

The social network will notify users about the benefits of targeted ads so they don’t turn off data collection

Facebook said Monday that pop-up messages in its iPhone and iPad apps will inform users about the benefits of targeted ads. The initiative was in response to Apple’s plans to introduce a new feature to limit tracking user activity.

The two tech giants are arguing over changes to Apple’s new iOS operating software, which will include a feature that will notify users that their activity is being tracked. Facebook argues it will limit targeted advertising and could hurt many companies.

The new Apple software feature, called the “privacy label,” includes an information box that tells people what data their mobile apps are collecting and asks for permission to collect that data.

“To help people make a more informed decision, we are displaying our information window alongside Apple’s,” Facebook said in a statement. – This will provide additional information about how we use personalized advertising that supports small businesses and makes apps free.”

Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook made a veiled accusation against Facebook, noting that certain algorithms promote misinformation and conspiracy theories. He did not mention the social network directly, but criticized the business model based on targeted advertising, which is a major source of revenue for Facebook.

Facebook is reportedly preparing an antitrust lawsuit against Apple over its control of the App Store.

“As we have stated repeatedly, we believe that Apple is engaging in anti-competitive behavior by using its control of the App Store to profit at the expense of app developers and small businesses,” a Facebook spokesman said, declining to confirm or deny reports of the pending lawsuit.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during a recent conference call that Apple is becoming one of his company’s main competitors.

“Apple has every reason to use its dominance on the platform to interfere with our and other third-party apps, which they regularly do to promote their own,” Zuckerberg said. – Apple says it’s doing it to help people, but these interventions are obviously for the company’s own benefit.”