Facebook criticizes Apple’s privacy changes

Facebook criticizes Apple's privacy changes

Facebook is massively opposed to changes to Apple’s device privacy rules that will take effect as early as January 2021.

Facebook is publicly criticizing Apple’s upcoming privacy changes to iOS in a full-page newspaper ad. “We oppose Apple worldwide,” reads the headline of today’s ads in the New York Times , Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, according to The Verge.

The ads will reportedly have Apple iOS 14 privacy changes that will make it harder for companies like Facebook to target users.

Developers will soon need to ask iOS 14 users for permission to collect and track data in mobile apps and websites on iPhones and iPads. Apple had planned to implement these changes in the first release of iOS 14 in September, but delayed their introduction until early next year . These changes will affect Facebook’s advertising business and, in particular, its ad network for developers and businesses, as end users are more likely to opt out of tracking requests.

Facebook argues that Apple’s changes will be “disruptive to small businesses,” which rely on its ad network to increase sales. Small businesses are directing ads to Facebook, where a number of business owners are touting Apple’s changes. “Small businesses deserve to be heard,” Facebook writes. “We hear your concerns and support you.”

While Apple has not responded directly to today’s newspaper ads, last month the company responded to similar claims by Facebook . The iPhone maker accused Facebook of “ignoring user privacy.” Apple is adamant that its iOS 14 privacy policy will go into effect in early 2021, and has previously stated that it is “committed to allowing users to choose whether an app is allowed to track them.”