Facebook has changed the algorithm for ranking posts in the news feed

Starting today, the social network Facebook will gradually change the algorithm for ranking posts in the news feed

This is reported by Axios.

The new news analysis algorithm uses artificial intelligence. Among posts on a specific topic, he will determine the source that is referenced more often than others. This will be marked as the source.

The company noted that during the change in the algorithm, a study was conducted among users, and also consulted with publishers and the business.

The priority of showing posts by subscription will remain unchanged. That is, the first in the feed will be the posts of users and countries to which a specific person is subscribed. Among them, the algorithm will raise the most reliable and lower the most doubtful ones.

At the moment, the updated algorithm works only for content in English. Facebook noted that they are working on the development of such an algorithm for all users of the social network.

Facebook expects the updated algorithm to enable users to receive more quality information, fewer fakes, propaganda, and clickbait news. It is also a calculation that it will be possible to avoid fakes on the eve of the US presidential election.