Facebook has deleted about 200 accounts related to protests against racism

11 months ago

About 190 accounts were deleted on the Facebook social network, in which ideas about the superiority of whites in terms of protests against racism in the United States and other countries of the world were promoted

It is reported by the Associated Press.

Representatives of Facebook said that members of such groups planned to come to action against racism. Some of them offered to bring weapons.

“We saw that these groups were planning to urge those who are their supporters and members to come to protests, in some cases they were ready to take weapons with them,” said Brian Fishman, head of the Facebook division, which is responsible for fighting the distribution of published extremist materials.

At the same time, Facebook did not name specific groups that deleted, and also did not talk about the goals that they promoted.

It also became known that groups on the social network such as “Proud Guys” and “American Guard” were blocked on Facebook for violating the rules. They had messages calling for hatred.

Facebook said it will continue to delete new pages, groups or accounts created by users trying to circumvent the ban.

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