Facebook was fined 17 million rubles in Russia

2 weeks ago

Facebook was fined another 17 million rubles in Russia for failing to remove banned content. This is reported in the Telegram channel “Moscow courts” citing representatives of the court of the Tagansky district of Moscow.

The amount of the penalty is made up of fines for four different violations related to the refusal to remove banned content (an administrative violation under part 2 of Article 13.41 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation). For one of the violations Facebook was fined five million rubles. In addition, several other fines of three and four million rubles were imposed on the American social network.

Facebook was fined 17 million rubles in Russia

The court did not specify what violations Facebook was fined for. RIA Novosti journalists suggested that the posts could be linked to publications in which people were agitated to participate in uncoordinated rallies.

Earlier, Facebook was threatened with fines of up to 56 million rubles for failure to remove content banned in Russia.