Facebook will pay moderators $52 million for work-related psychological injuries

12 months ago

Facebook has agreed to pay $52 million in compensation to moderators who have psychological disorders and stress due to their work with shocking content.

This is reported by The Guardian.

It was found that Facebook content moderators worked under stress because they had to process materials containing hate speech, scenes of violence, child sexual abuse, terrorism, animal abuse, etc.

More than 11,000 current and former Facebook moderators in California, Arizona, Texas and Florida, who have worked on Facebook since 2015, will be eligible for compensation.

Each of the employees will receive a minimum of $1,000, as well as additional compensation (up to $50,000) if they are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder or related conditions.

Facebook has pledged to change its approach to content moderation. In addition, the moderators will be provided with psychological support.

The lawsuit against Facebook in September 2018 was filed by former moderator Selena Skola. She said that after working with shocking content, she had post-traumatic stress disorder.

Subsequently, the lawsuit was joined by other employees. They accused the company of failing to keep them safe at work.

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