Famous Escape Artist James Randi Died

At the age of 92, the famous American magician, magician and master of “escape” James Randi (James Randi) has passed away.

Magician James Randi used his illusionist skills to expose charlatans and crooks. In the role of Amazing Randy, he did amazing escapes and dexterity tricks faster than he could replace – all to prove that he was not a wizard. He hated deceiving people so much that he made a career out of exposing the so-called psychics, healers and all kinds of fortune-tellers.

He is known to have persecuted the famous master psychic Uri Geller, who made a name for himself in the 1970s by performing “psychokinetic” tricks on television like bending metal forks and the like.

According to the James Randi Education Foundation, the illusionist died on Tuesday due to “age reasons.”

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