Fantastic reality: the robot war begins in the USA

America is preparing for the battle of fighters with battle drones.

The United States military begins testing their combat drones. It will be a real war of robots.

Drones against fighter jets

The test is planned to be carried out in the most extreme conditions. Fighters and drones controlled by experienced pilots will collide with each other.

There is no information yet on whether the long-range drone, successfully introduced into the combat force of the Air Force a year ago, will take part in these tests.

The Pentagon claims that the combat readiness and maneuverability of drones, judging by recent events in Syria, is becoming a serious problem. Therefore, it is important to test the capabilities of an unmanned aerial vehicle under the control of artificial intelligence in direct collision with experienced fighter pilots.

Exercise purpose

These exercises are an interesting way to see how far IoT systems have come. Various options for direct combat situations will be modeled. The Air Force Research Laboratory will support air-to-air conditions.

The military claims that these exercises will be very exciting and will open up many new opportunities.

Russia has also joined the development of drone destruction technology, and now various methods and techniques will be worked out at special exercises.