Fast Count ONPE Inhabit 47.05% of the votes: Rafael López Aliaga 26.0% and Urresti 24.8%

According to the ONPE quick counting, the candidate Rafael Lopez Aliaga from the party People’s Renewal gets 26.0%% to 47.05%. He is preceded Daniel Urresti who has 24.8% of votes, creating a technical tie.

Rafael Lopez AliagaPeople’s Renewal
Daniel UrrestiPeru can be our next step
George ForsythPeru is our country
Elizabeth LeonFront of Hope
Omar ChehadAlliance for Progress
Gonzalo JoyTogether for Peru
Maria Elena SotoAdvancements in the country
Yuri CastroPeru Free


On Sunday, 13,032 local and regional authorities representing 25 regions, 196 provincials, and 1,678 districts municipalities were elected.


On Sunday, October 2, 2022 Municipal and Regional Elections took place. In which 13,032 local and regional authorities from 25 regions and 196 provinces, as well as 1,678 district municipalities, were elected.

The following figures of authorities were distributed by the National Elections Jury of the Central Operations of the Electoral Process, (JNE), as per:

  • 25 Regional Governors
  • Regional Lieutenant Governors: 25
  • Regional councillors 342
  • Provincial mayors: 196
  • Provincial councillors: 1714
  • District mayors: 1694
  • District councillors: 9036

The doors to all polling stations opened at 7:00 AM, with the exception of those that were not installed in time due to a lack of regulars or alternates. According to ONPE regulations, the tables close at 5:00 PM.

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