Fat, non-flying parrot called “Bird of the Year” after a campaign tainted by voter fraud

The long and fierce election campaign, which involved competing interest groups and was tainted by a scandal of voter fraud, came to an end on Monday when a fat, runaway and night parrot stunned the sages, claiming that the victory was crushing.

Cacapo, officially the world’s heaviest parrot, won the “Bird of the Year” vote in New Zealand after a month-long campaign that was intensely competitive with political competitions held by people.

Cacapo was the first bird to win for the second time – a feat not explicitly prohibited by the constitution – and won thanks to the unique and intricate voting system of the competition, losing the frankly popular vote to Albatross “Antipode.

“In a stunning upset, kākāpō hits from behind to catch the #BirdOfTheYear 2020 title far away from the competition leader,” the Forest & Bird group, which organizes the annual competition, announced on Monday on social media.

Competition in New Zealand often gets hot as politicians, celebrities and online bands approve their favorite creations.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – MARCH 21: One of ten little spotted kiwi is released on Motuihe Island, a conservation pest-free island close to Auckland, on March 21, 2009 in Auckland, New Zealand. Eventually up to 40 endangered kiwi birds will be relocated to the island. (Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

But this year’s event became particularly controversial after the organizers discovered that more than 1,500 fake votes submitted using fake email addresses tracked to the same IP address had briefly pushed the unnoticed kiwi to the top of the leaders list.

Amid a flurry of support from various contenders, sex toy retailer Adult Toy Megastore supported the haii who, he said, practice “consensual polyamorphism.

Campaigners for different rivals sought to poll votes in various media, and supporters of the “takae” – a large, non-flying rail – created a TikTok account to increase youth turnout.

In the end, however, the losing favorites graciously conceded defeat to the cacapo, which had previously won an award in 2008.

“There was a tough race throughout the election period, but @team_kakapo Kākāpō snatched the victory from the beak of defeat and overtook us in an instant repeat vote at the end,” the Albatross for Bird of the Year Twitter campaign writes.