Fauci opposes the All-American lockdown

Leading U.S. virologist Dr. Anthony Fauci does not support nationwide isolation to control the spread of COVID-19.

In an interview for Sinclair, Fauci said he “would like to avoid a lockdown. “There is still a lot to do without having to resort to a complete lockdown everywhere. If we stick to the fundamental principles that many of us, including me, have been talking about for quite some time,” Fauci said.

In particular, Fauci insists on wearing masks everywhere, physical distance, avoiding crowded areas, doing things outside instead of inside and washing hands regularly. He noted that wearing masks and physical distance were the most effective means of preventing infection.

“If you do these things everywhere and always, not in separate places – some do it, some do not – but as a nation we can change the situation,” explained Fauci.

Comments came after newly elected President Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Task Force advisor recommended a full lockdown in the U.S. for four to six weeks to reduce the number of cases.

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