FBI: Nashville Christmas Bomber was driven by paranoia and conspiracy theories, but acted alone

2 months ago

FBI officials say Anthony Quinn Warner, who detonated a homemade bomb on Christmas Day in downtown Nashville, acted alone.

The FBI says in its report that Warner was highly susceptible to paranoia, conspiracy theories and a desire to kill himself, which prompted him to build the bomb and blow himself up. Experts believe that his actions were determined to be unrelated to terrorist groups; it was an act of insanity.

“Based on analysis of information and evidence gathered during the investigation, the FBI assesses Warner’s detonation of the improvised explosive device as a deliberate act in an attempt to kill himself, caused in part by a combination of life stressors, including paranoia, longstanding individualized beliefs borrowed from several eccentric conspiracy theories, and loss of stabilizing anchors and deteriorating interpersonal relationships,” an official statement said

Warner chose the location of the explosion “to be effective but also to minimize the potential for unwarranted injury.” The explosion happened right outside the AT&T building in Nashville and shut down Internet access for hundreds of homes in Tennessee for several days.

“It is important to note that only Warner knows the real reason he detonated his explosive device. However, the FBI is now confident, based on the evidence gathered, Warner’s own notes and interviews with those who knew him best, that the above estimate is correct,” the FBI added.