Federal agents seized more than 11 million fake N95 masks

Federal agents seized more than 11 million fake N95 masks.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told a news conference that the department had been seizing the fake masks for weeks. The latest seizure took place Wednesday – officers seized more than 1 million counterfeit masks as part of an investigation against a company distributing counterfeit masks throughout the United States.

Mallorcas added that agents found millions of counterfeit masks in five states “from coast to coast,” adding that more steps will be taken in the coming weeks to identify such products that pose a danger to human life. “We are in a vulnerable time when the pandemic has taken so many lives and caused so much harm. Criminals who take advantage of our vulnerability to make a quick buck, we will continue to aggressively pursue them,” Mallorcas said.

Officials declined to say where the men were apprehended or in which states the masks were seized because the investigation is ongoing.