Fighting Island is not necessary – foreign athletes are allowed to enter the United States

11 months ago

UFC fans may never know the location of the mysterious Battle Island, as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued an executive order allowing professional athletes to enter the country without hindrance.

“In an effort to support economic recovery, Homeland Security Secretary Chad F. Wolf signed a decree that removes the ban on certain foreign professional athletes participating in professional sports events organized by certain leagues,” reads an official statement on the Department’s website.

“Professional athletic events bring much-needed economic benefits, and just as importantly, ensure national unity. Under current conditions, Americans need sport. The time has come to rebuild the economy and get our professional athletes back to work.”

Earlier UFC president Dana White said the organization plans to hold three or four events on Fight Island in July, but if foreign fighters are allowed to enter the U.S. territory freely, the use of this site loses all sense.

At the same time, some sources argue that all previous statements of the head of the largest mma-promotion about Fighting Island are no more than a bluff, because a close friend of the U.S. President was well aware of the government’s plans as a member of the working group on economic recovery.

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