Fire destroyed a 249-year-old church in California

California firefighters are investigating the origin of the fire that destroyed the historic 249-year-old Catholic Church.

Early Saturday morning, a fire broke out at the San Gabriel mission – flames engulfed the roof and main entrance to the church, firefighter captain Antonio Negrete told CNN. The church is located 15 km northeast of Los Angeles.

When firefighters were able to enter the church, trying to extinguish the flames inside, sections of the roof and ceiling began to fall down. To put out the fire, 80 firefighters took 3 hours. Rescuers were able to endure almost all historical artifacts and some works of art.

There was no one in the church during the fire, and none of the firefighters was injured. The cause of the fire is established.

The church underwent repairs to commemorate the upcoming celebration of the 250th anniversary. The diocese intends to rebuild the temple.