Fire on a warship in the port of San Diego put out the second day, 60 people injured

Flames continue to rage on the USS Bonhomme Richard warship at the San Diego base for more than 24 hours. About 60 people were injured in the process of extinguishing the fire.

In the fight against the flame raging on board the ship, rescuers use helicopters, but so far unsuccessfully – the fire blazes for the second day. Among the wounded, not only firefighters, but also military personnel from the ship itself – 34 people. Most injuries are minor, including heat stroke and smoke inhalation. Five people were hospitalized, said US Air Force Rear Admiral Philip Sobeck.

The damage from the flame reached a wide scale, the upper decks of the ship and the superstructure were damaged. According to Sobek, sailors are trying to keep everything possible on board.

According to Sobek, the fire broke out deep in the hold and caused intense heat. The firefighters’ top priority is to prevent heat and flame from entering the ship’s fuel tanks, which contain 1 million gallons of oil – the explosion could be disastrous. According to Sobek, the cause of the fire is unknown – the ship was undergoing maintenance when a fire broke out. No one died.