They insist on his innocence.
Lawyers of the Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash declared disappointment with the decision of the Supreme Court of Austria which resolved an extradition of their client in the USA.
“We are disappointed with today’s decision of the Supreme Court of Austria. Anyway, nothing changed concerning innocence of mister Firtash and lack of proofs of his fault in any crime”, – they told.
Firtash’s lawyers assure that he was never engaged in business and did not visit the USA, did not know about any plans concerning bribery of officials in India concerning the Indian titanic fields.
Defenders of the oligarch also note that of the full text of charge the American prosecutors never accused Firtash and also nobody else of bribery.
“This fact often is not even mentioned in mass media in the United States of America”, – lawyers say.
Let’s remind, on June 25 the Supreme Court of Austria made the decision and resolved an extradition of the Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash in the USA. This decision it did not allow the appeal of lawyers of the businessman which they submitted in December, 2017. Now Dmitry Firtash from an extradition is separated only by the signature of the Minister of Justice of Austria who has to approve the decision.
It is known that case against Dmitry Firtash was open in 2013. He is accused of bribery in 18.5 million dollars for obtaining permission to extraction of titanic raw materials in India. The finished goods were planned to be sold in America subsequently. In 2014 at the request of Ministry of Justice of the United States it was delayed in Vienna. The truth almost at once released for pledge, record for Austria, in 125 million euros. The issue of an extradition was resolved in courts the last 5 years and now the Supreme Court of Austria put the end to this story. If the decision is signed by the Minister of Justice of the country, the oligarch can appear in the USA at the beginning of July. There threatens it up to 50 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property.