Flashmob “Blackout Tuesday” on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

11 months ago

Blackout Tuesday: why does everyone around us publish black squares on social networks and what problem do they want to attract public attention with this step?

With such posts, famous people, celebrities, popular athletes support participants in the solidarity movement in the fight against racism. But black squares literally “jam” real protests on the Internet.

The meaning of the flash mob was that throughout Tuesday, June 2, users should not publish entertainment posts in their accounts on social networks, but simply lay out a “black square” with the hashtag #blackouttuesday, and leave a record in support of the “Black lives” movement matter ”.

Such publications are provided on social networks not only by ordinary users, but also by popular musicians and bloggers, actors and public figures, as well as athletes and simply indifferent people. Statistics claim that there are already several million posts with this hashtag and content.

While American and European stars and businessmen publish posts in support of their rights activists, Russians now living around the world are worried about why Americans are protesting incorrectly. The greatest response from some Russian speakers was caused by pictures and videos of broken windows of brand boutiques and upturned cars, rather than problems of racism and police violence.

On May 25, an African American, George Floyd, died in Minneapolis as a result of excessively brutal police actions during his arrest. After this, riots swept over 20 US states.

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