5 months ago

Florida became the third state with 1 million coronavirus cases registered

5 months ago

Florida has become the third state with more than 1 million coronavirus cases registered.

Florida’s Department of Health reported 1,008,166 cases since the pandemic began, after 8,847 new cases were identified on Tuesday. In addition, 18,679 COVID-19 patients died. Texas and California had previously surpassed the million mark.

The record was set the day after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis held his first press conference in 26 days, doubling the number of schools that will be open for full-time education in the spring.

“Closing schools because of the coronavirus is the biggest public health mistake in modern American history,” DeSantis said, adding that the vast majority of Florida parents chose to enroll their children in regular schools.

DeSantis issued an order last week prohibiting municipalities from imposing fines for violations of requirements related to the pandemic, such as face masks or limiting restaurant capacity, without any grounds.

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