Florida resident hijacked a bulldozer to knock down signs in support of Joe Biden

Polk County, Florida, 26, is accused of stealing a bulldozer from a construction site, which he then used to knock down signs in support of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in one neighborhood

After his arrest, James Blythe told the Haynes City police that he had been drinking whiskey all day and did not remember what he was doing. He also admitted that he did not know how to operate a bulldozer. It is not clear if he has a lawyer. “It’s absurd that a grown man might think he has the right to destroy someone else’s property based on a difference in political views. – commented on Blythe’s arrest, Haynes City Police Chief Jim Elensky – He got behind the wheel, not knowing how to operate a bulldozer, and it could have disastrous consequences. We are grateful that no one was hurt. ” Blythe is accused of a major theft in the amount of more than $ 40,000 and entry into a construction site. He is also planned to be charged with causing damage to private property.