Florida resident phoned 911 4 times to ask her to “give a lift”

11 months ago

In Florida, a woman called 911 4 times to ask her to “give a ride”. The officers did so – however, the prison cell turned out to be the destination.

Sarah Alameh, 31, living in Eagle Lake, 60 miles southwest of Orlando, is accused of abusing emergency response services. According to authorities, for the first time a woman dialed 911 on Wednesday morning at about 2:45 – saying “hello” and then hung up. The police arrived at the place where the call came from, but found no one.

However, at 03:00 Alameh again contacted the dispatcher. This time, the officers managed to find the offender, who was waiting in the parking lot at the local hospital. Alameh said she called because she needed to be taken to another city. After one of the law enforcement officers reminded the woman that 911 should be addressed only in emergency situations and recommended leaving the hospital, she called again to complain about the officer. Alamehe was once again advised not to occupy the line unless absolutely necessary, after which the last, fourth call came, filling the patience of law enforcement officers. The woman was taken to Polk County Prison. She remained in custody until Wednesday evening.

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