Florida resident’s cat found a rare two-headed snake and brought it into the house

What does the cat sometimes not bring into the house – although it is unlikely to compare with the rare two-headed snake, which was discovered by the pet of a resident of Florida

Kay Rogers said that at first she thought the snake was injured. It was only when the woman’s daughter raised the reptile for a closer look that it became clear that she had two heads. “I was amazed. – recalls Kay, since then passed the snake into the reliable hands of experts – I have never seen anything like it. On Wednesday, the FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute published photographs of the reptile and explained the reasons for its condition. “This is a rare occurrence called bicephaly. It occurs during embryonic development, when two monozygotic twins cannot separate, causing the heads to merge into one body, ”writes FWC.

“Two-headed snakes rarely survive in the wild because they have two brains that make different decisions and therefore make it difficult to feed or escape predators.” The Rogers are glad that the snake, named Dos, is now with those who can take care of it.

“We are happy to have found him and made him a small part of our family,” says Kay. “He is well taken care of and we are glad that he is doing well.”

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