Floyd told police officers “I can not breathe” more than 20 times during detention

African-American George Floyd, who died after being detained in Minneapolis, told police several minutes before his death that he “could not breathe” more than 20 times, the New York Times reported citing a transcript of the incident.

On Wednesday, the court unveiled a transcript from the video recorder of one of the police officers who was involved in the detention of Floyd. As the record shows, the African American, even before he was thrown to the ground, told the police that he was physically ill. When they tried to put him in a patrol car, he said that he was claustrophobic and could not breathe. Earlier, the last moments of Floyd’s life were known only from the video of an eyewitness and filming from surveillance cameras.

Floyd died in late May after being detained by police in Minneapolis. After his death, a video appeared on the Internet that showed that the police handcuffed Floyd, threw him and fell on him three, one of them stepping on his neck with his knee. Floyd on the video several times says that he can’t breathe, then calms down. After the death of Floyd in Minneapolis and other US cities, riots broke out. Four police officers who participated in the detention of Floyd were fired, one of them was accused of murder, the other three of aiding and abetting the murder.