Former Chancellor of Germany stood up for Nord Stream 2

Former Chancellor of Germany stood up for Nord Stream 2

Calls to stop the construction of Nord Stream-2 do not reflect the opinion of most Germans. That’s what former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder said in support of the project.

He said the pipeline would “ensure the next generation of energy security” by phasing out nuclear and coal-fired power plants. Schröder believes that the liquefied natural gas the U.S. seeks to supply to Germany is environmentally damaging, too expensive and not as convenient to use.

“In terms of energy policy, we will cut off the bough we are sitting on if we stop construction,” the former chancellor warned.

On January 29, Bundestag member Roderich Kiesewetter said that stopping construction of the pipeline would carry serious risks, including the huge compensation Germany would have to pay.

On January 19, Washington for the first time implemented a threat and imposed restrictions on the Russian barge Fortuna, which was going to be used to complete the construction of Nord Stream-2. “Gazprom” then admitted for the first time that construction could be postponed indefinitely, and under exceptional circumstances, even permanently.

Gerhard Schroeder is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Swiss company Nord Stream 2 AG, the operator of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, as well as of the Board of Directors of Rosneft.